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One-on-one lessons

During my one-on-one lessons I will support you in (re-)discovering your very own, individual voice and your musicality. You’ll receive valuable tools allowing you to easily expand your voice and musical skills. We’re all different and so are our voices – that diversity is reflected in my lessons. We’ll just take it from where you stand.

I teach according to the method of Integrative Vocal Training©. This teaching methodology can be applied to all singing styles and incorporates breathing techniques as well as bodywork. Therefore it provides easy exercises and support for your voice development.

The voice is a very personal instrument and I treat it with love and respect. We learn best in an environment in which we feel well and uninhibited – that’s why joy and fun are central parts of my approach. Of course musicality and creativity are cornerstones of any singing lesson. Whether it’s interpreting a song, writing one from scratch or just starting to sing – you’ll be surprised how simple and easy it can be.

I often meet people who feel insecure about their singing or speaking voice because they sound hoarse, don’t have a lot of volume or have trouble breathing. Using the different tools and individual exercises of Integrative Vocal Training© support you in overcoming these difficulties.

Whether you are a professional singer, only ever sing in the shower or have a job in which you depend on a strong voice – my lessons can open up new possibilities and support you in any circumstance.

Lessons take place in my studio at Leimgrubenweg 4-6 in Basel or we connect online and you stay in the comfort of your own home.

Singing - Made easy!

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