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Unleash your creativity - Creative Coaching

Do you want to write your own song or lyrics? Want to create your own musical arrangement, interpretation or just improvise and start singing? Then you have come to right place!


Are you dreaming of writing your own song? Would you like to express your creativity through music? Do you want to interpret a song in your own way? You’ll receive all the necessary tools to unlock your creative potential and you’ll learn that being creative through music can actually be easy. You really can’t do anything wrong.

You don’t know how to read sheet music? You’re an absolute music novice? You don’t have any song ideas? You don’t play any instrument? No problem! You’ll be surprised to learn what’s possible when creativity is involved.

You’ll learn how to listen to your gut in order to write lyrics, how to find a melody and rhythm for your song and how to construct harmonies.
One session lasts 45 minutes and costs CHF 90. Lessons can take place in my studio or you can log on from the comfort of your own home and we meet online. Contact

Singing - Made easy!

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