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Andrea Wiget


In my work as a singing teacher and Integrative Vocal Coach© I love to have my students discover the joy of singing. In my Basel-based studio I support my students through my knowledge and experience in the development of their own voices.

Singing has been a dream of mine that I pursued passionately since I was a child. I’ve loved singing and music in all its forms for as long as I remember. That my passion would one day become my job was more of a coincidence really. After I had searched for an approach that would fit me for many years – years in which I had fought with different voice problems myself – I found the method of Integrative Vocal Training©. This wonderful technique led me to rediscover my own voice in a fun and easy way. So I decided to get involved in teaching this method of voice work.

In February 2011, I graduated from my teacher training course at the Institute for Integrative Vocal Training© in Vienna.

As our voices change continually over the course of our lives, I’m always looking to broaden my knowledge and getting to know new approaches and aspects to vocal training. I regularly participate in training courses myself and am very curious and excited to see where my professional path will take me.

Teachers: Lisette Spinnler (Basel), Romeo Alavi Kia (Vienna), Ursula Oelke (St. Gallen), Michael Hanko (New York), Monika Ballwein (Vienna)

Further training: Complete Vocal Technique (CVT), Speech Level Singing (SLS), Circle Singing, Body Percussion, Jazz Improvisation, Songwriting, Stage Presence, Song Interpretation

To find out more about my work as singer and songwriter, visit

Singing - Made easy!

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